1 acre of trees nursery grows New England native and non-native/non-invasive trees and woody perennials primarily from ecoregion 59 (.pdf) seeds. We sell bare root, air pruned saplings for autumn planting.

Be an awesome ancestor; plant trees!

Contact us to be notified when we have a tree count mid summer and release stock to the website for ordering. Trees will be available for planting once dormant in November 2024. Orders are delivery only. Drop locations will be arranged for group or CSA purchases.

Trees and shrubs slow the flow of increasingly heavy storm water events, store water under the ground during drought, and capture carbon.

They also feed wildlife, feed us, medicate us, supply our craft projects, warm or cool our homes and provide aesthetic value to our lives.

We grow trees and shrubs for Boston area community tiny forest and Miyawaki groups, neighborhood re-wilding efforts, garden club fund raising events, farmer CSA add-ons, and home owners who want to take back space dedicated to lawn.

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