Juglans regia English Walnut, Persian walnut, Circassian Walnut

We have a couple of sources for cold-hardy English Walnuts and hope you’ll add them to your nuttery even though they’re not native to the US. These are the walnuts you buy in a bag at the grocery store.

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North Carolina Extension Information Sheet

Juglone from walnut, butternut, butternut, hickory and other nut trees

Hydroxyjuglone is a nontoxic, colorless precursor that is converted into the toxic form juglone by sensitive plants and through oxidation. It is found in the vegetative buds, leaves, stems, nut hulls, and roots of the plants. Penn State Extension has a great list of trees and shrubs that are tolerant to juglone and land care practices that may give you some wiggle room when planting around these wonderful, nutty trees.