Viburnum opulus ssp. trilobum Highbush-cranberry

A wildlife attractant, edible hedge plant that does well on well-drained, moist soils.


Viburnum opuluss ssp. trilobum Highbush-cranberry

Excellent easy to grow hedge plant that does best in consistently moist but well-drained soil. Shade-tolerant, but flowering, fruiting, and foliage color will be best on plants in full sun. Responds well to (post flowering) pruning to maintain short, dense hedge.

Bright red berries persist throughout the winter making them an excellent ornamental for a hedge, but may be a not-so-tasty food for wildlife. Freezing temperatures may increase attractiveness as a food source for birds and other wildlife.

USDA NRCS Plants Database Viburnum opulus spp. trilobum