the native vs non-native debate + invasive

Native to when and where and what does the future hold? We just don’t know.

We grow trees for folks who want to hedge their bets and give the future options for wide perennial solutions.

We sell current native species and species which are non-native to Massachusetts AND NON INVASIVE that are:

We don’t sell anything earmarked as an invasive species in Massachusetts. We do sell pawpaw, persimmon, several hickory varieties (US natives), and sweet chestnut crosses.

Folks who buy trees from us have all sorts of reasons for doing so:

  • feeding future generations of humans local, perennial food and oils in an unknown climate,
  • increasing pollinator and wildlife habitat now and in the future,
  • rewilding a broken forest to support diversity, or
  • planting a neighborhood nuttery.

Valuing the contributions of non-native species to people and nature

New England Level III and IV ecoregion map (.pdf)